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SH - 206 Pulse Corona Coating

SH's newly developed pulse coating machine is a special newly - developed static - by -powder coating mechanism capable of frictionally coating powder onto curved portions by instantly repearing a current voltage 20 - 40 times.

1. SH 206 pulse corana combination coating machine is an innovative static - by - powder coating machine into which an existing pulse type can be converted by a button.

2. Paint reduction

A reduction of 30% coating film thickness can be obtained by coating of corner potinons and think and uniform surfaces, leading to paint cost reduction

3. Yield increse

Pulse coating reduces powder loss with thin coating and fast and high-efficiency transfer, maximizing yield increase.

4. Advantages in re-coating

By uniform coating onto the surface with thin coating thickness during re-coating, high-quality coating like initial coating is possible with SH206 coating mchine without conventional paint agglomeration problems.

5. Advantages in metallic powdered silver coating

By reducing current in a pulse-way to prevent paint agglomeration during metallic powderredsilver coating, a coating film is thin and umiform high - quality coating is posssible.

Gun weight 440g
Gun length 330mm
Power (AC) 220V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Consumption power 25W
Inputpower (DC) 24V
Output Power 100KV
Maximun output power 180uA
Polarity Cathode
High voltage confirmation from Inside the gun
Max, flow rate 670g/min


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