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About Us
Hiep Luc

Hiep Luc New Technology Co., Ltd specializes in supplying complete spray equipment (ordinary and electrostatic) in industries such as:

 + China brands           -      WKH 112

                                                     -      XT 888                 

                                    + Korea brands :

                                                     -      SOHHO                                                       

                                    + France brands :

                                                     -      MATCH JET - E JET

                         + German brands:

                                                     -      WAGNER

 -      Electrostatic Spray Gun for Interior Decoration (Wood, Metal, Aluminum).

·         There are very few objects that cannot be coated, from gas cylinders, helmets, Electrical Enclosures, transformers, rice cookers, pedestals, racks, office cabinets, control box ...

-      Manufacture and installation of automatic and semi-automatic paint spraying systems .

-      Supplying Electrostatic Powder Sieving machine , other equipment and accessories in the electrostatic paint industry .

-      Sulphites for surface treamnet of metal before coating : Detergent , Aklaine Acid for Steel , Aluminum ,Iron ,...Zincs Phosphate , Flim-Forming , Accelerator , … in surface protection ( included : Consulting , Composite coating for wastewater and sewage plants )

-      Supplying Electrostatic Coating Powder Paint of Lion brand

-       Provided one-packaged service including consultant, design, installation, after-sales maintenance of electrostatic coating industry.(painting booth , dry painting booth ,goods moving system,…)

-      Various types of products offered by Hiep Luc can satisfy all small to large enterprises . , we promise to provide customer the top quality and suitable price of product

-      In addition to providing customers with good products, the company provide a free repair services. With a team of skilled technicians, well trained by French experts, always ready to serve customers.

- In the beginning of 2010, Hiep Luc Technology Company Limited decided to invest in the production line of Electrostatic Coating Powder Paint, with the advanced technology of Europe, products bearing the Lion brand name. The advantages of high economic efficiency have been and continue to receive the trust and strong support from many domestic and foreign customers. Ours serve whole package for customers from: consultants, design , installation, provide equipment , painting material in electrostatic painting industry. It’s offers economic benefits as well as provide the best service for customers.

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